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The manuscript addresses a highly significant problem of contemporary scientific research, namely their interdisciplinarity, known in the Polish language also as międzydyscyplinarność – crossing traditional boundaries between academic disciplines, as well as analyzes similar categories of multidisciplinarity (referred to as multitude of disciplines) and trans-disciplinarity, with special emphasis put on practicing pedagogy and solving problems linked with upbringing.
In order to avoid vagueness and to characterize the specificity of particular types of dialog in science, i.e. interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary or trans-disciplinary dialogs, the article focuses first on elucidation of particular terms and on depicting the main pathways of their understanding as well ad indicates the most common procedure of exploiting research results achieved in one discipline of science by another discipline, thus making the first inferior and ancillary to the other. Differences in the perception of events and phenomena and these in constructing our observations induce a need for dialog – being of importance also in the field of science. In addition, results obtained at a given moment in a given science can never be perceived as some absolute certainty, for they are always generated in a specified time, and with specified, historically established and determined theories or concepts of upbringing.
However, there are certain prerequisites for the dialog to shift from the phase of ordinary communication to the phase of effective collaboration, including in particular generation of such products of researches, categories and concepts that would be applicable also in another discipline. This would, however, require the real reform of the knowledge system of particular disciplines, starting as early as from their studying under academic determinants.

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