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Stanisław Głąbiński – lawyer and economist belonged to the cream of the political elite of the second Polish Republic. He was the co-founder and leading politician of the National Democratic party, a Professor from the University of Lvov, a member of the Academy of Learning (later the PAU) and the deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Education and Religious Faiths in the second government of Wincenty Witos. He was born on the 25th February 1862 in Eastern Galicia and attended junior high school in Sambor. In 1880 he passed the high school final exams and studied at the Law Department of the University of Lvov. He finished his doctorate in 1887. In 1892 Stanisław Głąbiński became an associate professor and three years later obtained a full professorship at the age of only 33. During 1889-1890 he was the Dean of the Law Department and then became the rector of the University of Lvov in 1908-1909. At this time he started his involvement in politics with the National Democrat party. He became editor in chief of the ‘National Newspaper’. He took part in founding many institutes of Higher Public Utility in Galicia. He was the co-founder of the National Peoples’ Union and for many years the president of its supreme council (1919-1928) as well as being the club president of the party in parliament and the diet (1919-1927). He played a major role in creating the programme and policies of this political grouping and then for the National Party 1928-1935 where he was the political club leader in the senate. He was a significant influence in formulating and developing the political thought of the nation, the constitution and parliament of the second Polish Republic. His lesser role were in the organisation of Polish schooling during his brief time as Minister of Education.

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