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Local community or territorial collectivity. Conclusions of the research on the local government in the context of the relation between localism and globalism

This article presents the conclusions of the studies on urban sociology. It depicts the results of the public poll of the town dwellers of Biała Podlaska on their attachment to the place of residence and opinion on the occurring changes in it against the views of the classic authors of European sociology and the authorities of the Polish sociology. It also illustrates the extent to which the members of the local community describe their influence on the functioning of the local environment. Moreover, the article portrays the town dwellers’ opinions on the motivation of the town councilors in fulfilling their public duties and the evaluation of the local government activity in the field of crucial local community issues. The results of the conducted research are presented in relation to the results of the research of the whole country on local and local government issues. Overall, the analysis is formulated in relation to localism and globalism, expressed in sociological theories and ideas, which refer to small, medium and big social structures. Conclusion characterizes the main issues which should be included in the future expanded research.

PSW im. Papieża Jana Pawła II w Białej Podlaskiej
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