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The faces of corruption in the social reality of the republic of Lithuania

The subject of the following paper is the phenomenon of corruption in the Lithuanian society. Concerning its intensity and ubiquity, extremely fast spread of the phenomenon, as well as destructive effects on every sphere of social life, the issue of informal patron-client networks inspires many scientists of interdisciplinary studies, especially of social, political, economic and philosophical disciplines. Theoretical thought on corruption is necessary by reason of the evolving of corruption, as well as higher and higher dimension of possible losses and dangers to the Lithuanian country, its economy, and most of all, its society. The phenomenon of bribery is worth analyzing not only for pure scientific sake, but also practical matter of this case need to be regarded, as every disclosure and explanation of hidden mechanisms of corruption hinders further spread of this dysfunction. The aim of this article is to identify and analyze different aspects and determination of corruption, its social, political and economic effects, as well as ways of counteracting this deviation in Lithuania. The following paper is based on critical analysis of the literature of the subject, statistical data and journal articles, as well as personal observation of the changes in the social, political and economic reality of Lithuania, using historical descriptive method, supplemented with theoretical deduction. Deliberation presented in this article leads to unequivocal conclusion, that corruption destroys the freedom of the Lithuanian society, devastates loyalty and undermines mutual trust. Therefore, counteracting bribery, using every permitted in an open democratic society means, has significant moral, political, economic and social justification.

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