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Presidential elections: 2000-2010. Region of lublin versus Poland. Socio–politological analysis of voting behaviour

The main research aim of this paper is the attempt to synthesize socio-politological changes in voting behaviour of people in the Lubelskie Province in the first decade of the 21st century on the example of presidential elections of 2000, 2005 and 2010 in Poland. The author analyses voting behaviour of people in region of Lublin comparing it with national results. He tries to answer the following questions: what is the influence of socio-demographical factors, such as: place of residence, religiosity, culture and mentality on voting behaviour? Is there any political division of the Polish country and society? To what extent do people in Poland take part in elections, and what is the quality of citizen society? To what extent do people in Poland take advantage of their voting right? This paper is based on the analysis of data gathered and published by the National Electoral Commission and other research centres. This paper uses analysis of contents of selected documents, reports and publications in sociology, history and political science concerning the subject of presidential elections in Poland, voting behaviour of people in Poland as well as cultural, demographic and historical conditions influencing voting behaviour. The results of the analysis provide arguments to support the thesis that people of Lubelskie Province prefer presidential candidates of con-
servative views who support the idea of welfare state and state interventionism. Low turnout during elections proves low level of development of citizen society and is the reflection of common belief that „common citizen has little power”.

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