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The phenomenon of punk in light of held research and analysis

The aim of the dissertation is to present the phenomenon of called punk. The image of the phenomenon obtained on the ground of the results from held research and analysis with the image presented in the subject’s literature. In order to conduct the research the following methods have been used: diagnostic survey method, participating observation and the documentation (song lyrics) analysis technique. The research held in the year 2010 included the group of people calling themselves punk. Within the framework of diagnostic survey method there has been used the technique by means of which 20 respondents from different cities and towns of Poland were surveyed. The results of conducted research and arising conclusions showed the importance of music and its content for the phenomenon of punk. The message of punk bands has been confirmed in the everyday activity of punks focused on the social and cultural initiative. The analysis of the research results showed also that punk, contrary to how it is defined in the subject’s literature, is a very diversified group.

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