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The role of parents and pe teachers in developing prohealth attitudes

“Physical activity, besides speech, is one of the most widely and commonly used means of human contact with the surrounding world.” (Osiński 2003, p. 9). Since the dawn of time it has accompanied mankind and has been an indispensable aspect of people’s physical activity which manifests itself in all spheres of everyday life. In the 21st century, one can observe an alarmingly decreasing participation of the society in physical culture, which can be justified by the progress of civilization. The gradual reduction of people’s physical movement contributes to the deterioration of one’s fitness and , in consequence, leads to various illnesses and ailments. A chance to overcome negative results of the aforementioned process is to provide sufficient care for children’s development, which can take the form of not only shaping the proper attitude towards one’s body and willingness to be healthy (prohealth attitude) but also advocating the active and conscious participation in physical culture among young people. This responsible task lies mainly with parents who, as first teachers, have an immense impact on offspring right from the moment of birth. Being role models, they should drum into children the life-lasting need to protect one’s health, mental and physical fitness. The key role in the process of health education is also attributed to PE teachers who are equipped with a very useful tool in the form of physical exercises which facilitate adaptation to changing environmental conditions and provide a child with a chance to make the full use of the potential, with which he or she was born with (Osiński 2003). In the following article, the author presents the significant role of guardians, which they fulfil in health promotion among young people and, thus, the whole society.

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