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Theory and practice in teaching mathematics Theory and practice

In today"s world it has become obvious that there is a growing need for studying sciences, among which mathematics, called the Queen of Sciences, plays the dominant part. The main topic of this article is the problem of teaching mathematics at school, especially the teaching methods as well as highlighting the language of mathematics, which is alive and changes dynamically. Reading mathematical texts we come across not only symbols and signs but also words. The exchange of ideas in discourses is facilitated with the use of metaphors and metonymies, often accompanied by gestures and mimics. The language of mathematics with its additional forms of verbal and non-verbal communication seems to be "gibberish" or many people. This why the communication between teachers and students is difficult. The task of mathematicians as teachers is to pass the knowledge essential in modern life to students is by no means easy. The goal of every teacher is to teach students using this abstract language by choosing appropriate methods and forms of work. To reach this goal one must do more than solve a number of problems without understanding them. The experience of many teachers shoes that it is more effective to assume the thesis that: one should first understand and picture the problem, make it meaningful, and only then learn the symbol for it.

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