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In the face of contemporary opinions about the family that allegedly is desacralized or secularized, in this article by asking about the substance of desacralization of life, we refer these issues to the substance of Christian and family life in Christian perspective.
Reaching to teachings of Jesus Christ about marriage and virginity, the author points to the history of shaping the history of the concept of marriage and family in the history of Christianity, above of all in the Catholic Church, but also in the Orthodox and Protestant ones. The substance of marriage and family from the perspective of Catholic Church brings the need for considering it from perspective of the secret of relation of the Christ and church (according to teachings of St. Paul), and in perspective of sacrament making the spouses “marital we” (John Paul II). In this sense the sociologists may also write about desacralization or laicization as phenomena associated with behaviour of a human being towards sacrum, it is not possible to talk about secularization of marital or family life in Christian ground, because we are dealing with relation of Concrete Person – Jesus Christ, Who is accepted or rejected, but this is the question of faith or disbelief and not laicization. This fact forces also the relevant pedagogical conclusion that may strengthen this fact in relation to both, individuals and entire social groups, and help contemporary families in experiencing religious encounters referring to selection of values and living according to them. The Christian family should be supported in living the true dignity and mystery, and in realising experiencing the bond in order to get through the “fog” of laic propaganda. The contemporary Christian family is simply bombarded with atheistic propaganda of small groups, sometimes even intimidated by their violence. The bravery of being a family, pro-family programmes, family holidays and celebrations, and movements associating Christian families, are particular ways of strengthening the Christian family in its values and discovering its substance. This is a particular task and challenge for family pedagogy in Christian perspective.

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