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The important feature of academic teaching is not only education, but also formation, which adds special significance to the process of education. The process of academic teaching within the framework of higher professional education may be considered based on an example of relations between formation and professional socialisation and inculturation, and widely interpreted education. The last concept is seen by Zbigniew Kwieciński as an opportunity to combine impacts referring to the development of a human being and supporting it in achieving complete balance and mature personality as related to the self, the world and society within the concept of a decagon, where education is understood as composed of ten processes characterised by the selection of content, subjects, goals, processes and educational effects as: globalisation, work organisation, nationalisation, collectivisation (secondary socialisation), politicisation, bureaucratisation, professionalisation, socialisation (primary), inculturation and personalisation, formation and juridification, education and humanisation. This concept makes education superior towards formation interpreted narrowly and socialisation, and subordinate to formation interpreted in a broad sense, and forms a recommendation for the planning of formation and academic education aimed at more complex, systemic, comprehensive – generally – integral preparation. Making a differentiation between a child’s and adult socialisation, this article points to the entangling of academic education in child-type socialisation and the inevitable shock resulting from the contact with reality (reality shock), realities of professional work, also in the profession of a teacher and pedagogue. However, this does not mean that we should not take preventive action for all of these damages forming as a result of the fact that graduates of high schools are not prepared to undertake professional activities in the first days after completion of studies. Considering this, the author suggests a greater approximation of studies to the specific reality and actual problems, and most of all, releasing academic teachers from frequently existing links with ideologies and stereotypes which have an alienating effect.

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