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At the beginning of the 21st century the following terms became widespread: globalism, terrorism, asymmetry of the modern world along with the problems concerning poverty, inequality and stratification of social income. All those threats may be fuel for terrorism acts. The author of this article is convinced that the right prevention for terrorism acts starts with the recognition and analysis of the socio-political causes and not only of its manifestation itself. This article tries to find the answer for the following question: Can the current fight against terrorism end successfully? Is the asymmetry of the terrorism acts only an internal problem of one country or does it go beyond its borders? The first part of the article presents the following definitions: fight and strategic culture of the country; whereas the second one shows the fundamental elements of terrorism along with the terrorism chain and its asymmetry. The third part of the article explains selected elements of counter-terrorism and the counter-terrorism model at the beginning of the 21st century. The research method used here is the critical analysis of documents and literature. The author hopes to start a greater discussion regarding asymmetric threats of the modern world.

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