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Introduction. The aim of the study was to identify sources of occupational stress as seen by fire-fighters, analyse the ways of dealing with it, as well as consider types of the declared health symptoms which occur due to occupational stress.

Material and methods. The surveyed group consisted of 110 firefighters from the Combat Division of the Municipal Command of the State Fire Service in Biała Podlaska. The study was conducted at the turn of 2014/2015, using the diagnostic survey method and the author’s own questionnaire survey.

Results. 22% of the surveyed firefighters declare that they do not feel stressed during their occupational activities. The biggest source of stress for the respondents was the responsibility for the lives of rescued people (38%) and the pressure of time in the decision-making process (25%). The declared health symptoms of stress included: accelerated breath and heart rate, increased blood pressure (25.5%), irritability (22.6%), fatigue (22.6%). 18.2% of the respondents sought help from a psychologist and 69.1% were familiar with the principles of the psychological help system in the State Fire Service.

Conclusions. It is necessary to raise fire-fighters’ awareness in terms of the relevance of psychological support in coping with occupational stress.

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